We’re happy to announce our involvement with Trinity Solar’s Stewardship Program to help us raise money while providing you with a no-cost solar installation. 

  • Trinity Solar will contribute $100 to Brick City Rescue with every qualified appointment that is created through this program.

  • Raise $1,000 for Brick City Rescue any time you or a fellow member goes solar with Trinity Solar.

  • Refer a Friend to earn $500 for Brick City Rescue and $500 for yourself when someone referred outside of your organization goes solar with Trinity.

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Brick City Rescue Inc (BCR) is dedicated to finding loving, stable homes for all adoptable homeless dogs in NJ with a main focus on Bully Breeds. We encourage compassionate and responsible behavior and supply training, food, shelter and medical care to all of our animals. We serve as a community resource, disseminating valuable information to the public by promoting responsible pet ownership and providing education regarding breed discrimination.

Our Mission



Unfortunately due to the COVID-19 outbreak our upcoming events have been postponed indefinitely. Please check back periodically for changes.


We solely rely on donations so please consider making a tax deductible donation towards the care and essentials needed for our dogs. With the lack of events and fundraisers, our ability to continue to pull dogs out of shelters decrease. 

Thank you in advance for your support and generosity. Together we will continue to fight. 

In Memory of Flip

In Loving Memory of Raisa,  we will continue to help the homeless dogs, the less fortunate ones and fight for each and every one of them every single day. Raisa, you will always be in our hearts and mind and we will be forever grateful that our paths crossed. RIP sweet girl. May you run free now, Raisa




Polished Penny found herself surrendered to Philly ACCT as a throwaway mama at only 3 yrs old. Her past was not kind to her, but she is shining now in her foster home. She had a long road to recovery as she has IBD which has caused her intestines to be severely inflammed and painful. After a biopsy and more research we were finally able to pinpoint the problem and now she is thriving and healthy! She will need to be on a restricted diet but that is ok as she doesn't mind as long as she is feeling better! She is dog and cat friendly too! Although she has never been around kids, her temperament shows that should should be fine. She is a big girl, about 65/70 lbs but she is very gently and sweet. Penny will make a wonderful addition to any family!