Available Dogs



Sweet Arthur found himself tied to the fence of a local pound in NJ. The second we met him, we knew we had to help. He received much needed medical attention and now is flourishing in his foster home. Despite his age, which we estimate is between 8-10 yrs, he is spunky, loving and a super happy boy to finally be living in comfort. Arthur would be a wonderful companion to anyone looking to rescue a loving, faithful senior pup. Although we haven't officially tested him with other dogs, he seemed like a happy boy around them at the pet store so a meet will be required. If you would love to provide our sweet senior Arthur a loving home...apply today!





Oh Cecilia! Cece is a petite pittie who is very sweet and affectionate. She loves her walks and sunning herself in the grass. She is a bit timid at first but opens up quickly. She is good with children 10+ and does need to be your one and only as she loves to be the center of attention. If you are looking for that loyal companion, look no further!

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We don't know what Friday's mix is but we see some rottie, bully and boxer in her but mostly we see love! She is medium size of 60 lbs who loves everyone she meets. Her specialty is greeting everyone she sees on her walks. She is thriving in her foster home after spending nearly a year in the shelter as she sadly entered it in the beginning of the pandemic. Now she enjoys daily walks, fetch with her favorite ball or toy and she knows her basic commands and is happy to show  you! She is crate trained and house trained and has become the perfect little house guest. As much as she loves her foster home, she would love to have a home to call her own. She had a great dog meet so if you have a furry friend, a meet and greet is required. For now we would say kids 10 or older due to her size. She would definitely thrive in an active household that will appreciate her little personality and enjoy all the love she has to give! Apply for Girl Friday today!



This galactic girl will win your heart immediately! She is an absolute sweetheart and loves all people and children. SuperNova came to us from South Carolina and has been treated for heart worm and she is well in to her recovery! She is about 2-3 yrs old and is medium energy. She does seem a bit scared of other dogs so she will do best as the only dog. But trust when we say she will be all you need! Apply for SuperNova today! 



Atlas is an owner surrender due to a change in family dynamics. He is 3 years old, crate trained, housebroken and knows his basic commands. He lived with small children in the previous home and has done well around other dogs. He enjoys his plush toys, hikes and car rides. He will make a wonderful addition to any family. Atlas in absolute sweet boy who deserves a wonderful life. Atlas and his little pouty mouth will not disappoint!



Charlie will be joining our rescue mid May from Dogs Playing For Life which as an amazing training program that give dogs the second chance they deserve. Charlie is from Ohio and DPFL took him in when the shelter he was in was closing. He is a young, vibrant shepherd mix that absolutely loves other dogs. In fact, he is at his best when around furry companions. He loves humans as well but can be shy upon meeting. But he soon warms up and then becomes your best friend! The best thing about Charlie is that he does come fully trained and will benefit from continued structure. We will only accept applications that currently have a resident dog as Charlie truly thrives with other dogs. We think children 12+ due to his size. He is a big boy but is the sweetest! Apply for Charlie today!




Muneca means doll and she is just that! Muneca is about 8yrs young, house trained and knows basic commands. She enjoys her daily walks and snuggling on the couch. She is medium energy and has a beautiful soul. She is always happy to see people and other dogs. Muneca will make a great companion for someone looking for a sidekick. Bonus is that she loves car rides and baths so she can go anywhere with you!



Sweet Winky was pulled from a South Carolina Shelter and is an older gal of about 7/8. She is the sweetest mama and has overcome some obstacles that came her way. She is a loving dog that enjoys her walks and down time. She will make a wonderful companion for anyone looking for that dog that they can relax with and go for daily walks and hikes. She does need to be your one and only as she prefers all of your attention. Adopt Winky today!



This handsome hunk is Caine. He was found as a stray and ended up in the local pound. He has come such a long way from his kennel days and now enjoys the outdoors playing fetch with his favorite toy and daily walks. He is shy upon meeting you at first, but once he warms up, he is an absolute love. He is very treat motivated when learning new tricks and commands. Mild mannered and medium energy, Caine is a very sweet, loving dog. His favorite place to wind down is his bed or couch under the covers cuddling with some pillows. We think he is about 5 yrs old, house trained, knows basic commands, has great recall in the yard. Caine would do best as your one and only and with a family that will continue to provide general boundaries with him and work on his leash training as he gets a bit excited and wants to play tug. Caine has made significant progress in his foster home and is ready to find a family of his own! He will make a great companion for anyone looking for the perfect sidekick!



Emmett is a graduate of  Good Dog Pet Training. He was sadly returned to us in August and picked up some unruly habits like being reactive on his walks and when people enter his home. He loves his person and bonds quickly but is fearful when new people approach. Our goal is for him to gain his confidence back and feel comfortable in his space which he has, but will need continued work on that. He will need a confident and committed owner to continue with his training and set the boundaries and structure he needs and thrives with. Trust us when we say he will not disappoint in the loyalty or loving department. He is a pro at cuddling and will enjoy the downtime with his companion. We suggest an adult only home so you can stay committed and dedicated to Emmett. His world needs to be kept small as he is not a sociable dog so a low key, low traffic home is best. He is such a good, loyal boy-we know his person is out there!



Meet Rocky aka Stitch.  We do not want to sugarcoat how strange this short powerhouse of a pitbull mix is! Found emaciated on the streets of East Orange, Rocky is believed to have a hard start in life (he is between 4-7 years old) and shows signs of being abused. Rocky did not know how to be a dog and he is certainly an interesting looking dude. With his poorly cropped ears but large patchy tail and stocky stature, Rocky is 50 pounds of love. In only the short time we've had him he's learned how to trust and love wholeheartedly! He is eager to learn and please. We have done a short stint of training with him and he is starting to pick up commands very well! He does not understand how to play with toys though we have tried. He just wants to be near his people, always underfoot, and is a very puppy dog eyed beggar in the kitchen.  However food motivated he may be, he is not food aggressive. He becomes incredibly fearful if you yell at him or tell him he's been bad. He will run for his crate if he thinks he is going to be hurt, though we have not laid a harsh hand on him. Rocky loves when people come to visit but is not dog friendly, therefore needs to be your one and only. He would do very well in a home with older kids and a fenced in yard as well. The vet said that he has some arthritis in his back and has a congenital issue with his hips but it doesn't stop him from doing anything. Rocky enjoys being outside investigating everything and enjoys going for walks. However, long walks may be too much due to the arthritis. Sometimes he cannot control his back legs and we find him sitting in some very amusing positions. He also looks a little strange when he walks but he gets around great! Sometimes he even gets the zoomies (with some tripping!) He is on medication for his arthritis and we are still working with the vet to find him the best medication for him. While sitting with female members of the house on the couch, triggers from Rocky's past make him feel the need to be on guard from the male members of the house. Once off the couch, everything is fine and he is back to showing love for all members in the house! He is wary of other people when outside, but while in the house new guests are his best friends. He is in love with his plush dog beds and happiest when all of the family members are sitting on the couch and he is on his own bed. He often gets anxious when someone leaves the room and he will follow them to make sure they are okay. He also has the notorious pitbull allergies that the breed is known for and we give him a bathtub bath with special shampoo (which takes some bribing, he is not a fan of water.)  He truly just wants to be loved on and know he's a good boy! He is so sweet and cuddly, a funky teddy bear. If this sounds like the right one for you apply today!