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Sweet Bullet was left by his "owner" when he had to move and couldn't take him with him. He was kept outside in the yard for quite some time. He is very sweet and loving but does need  work on sharing his toys and sometimes food. This is something that he is working very hard and improving on but will need continued work. He does like other dogs so a meet and greet will be necessary. We do recommend an experienced dog owner to provide Bullet with the structure and consistency he needs to thrive.  

Pork Chop.JPG


Our delicious Pork Chop was rescued from an abusive situation and a result from that abusive situation, her leg was broken and left untreated for over 7 days. Luckily, we were able to repair it and she is now on the mend. She is a very loving and loyal girl that will attached herself to her people. She craves belly rubs and massages and enjoys walks around the neighborhood. Her favorite past time is laying around in the yard sunbathing. She does need to be your one and only but the love she has will be enough to last a lifetime. Pork Chop will make a great addition to any family with children 12+ looking for a loyal friend. Don't hesitate to apply for PC!



Polished Penny found herself surrendered to Philly ACCT as a throwaway mama at only 3 yrs old. Her past was not kind to her, but she is shining now in her foster home. She had a long road to recovery as she has IBD which has caused her intestines to be severely inflammed and painful. After a biopsy and more research we were finally able to pinpoint the problem and now she is thriving and healthy! She will need to be on a restricted diet but that is ok as she doesn't mind as long as she is feeling better! She is dog and cat friendly too! Although she has never been around kids, her temperament shows that should should be fine. She is a big girl, about 65/70 lbs but she is very gently and sweet. Penny will make a wonderful addition to any family!